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5024 Valley Dr

North Las Vegas, NV 89031

(702) 342-0880


325 Inflection St
Henderson, NV 89011

(702) 846-2310


S. Rainbow Blvd & W Wigwam Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89113

(702) 637-1776



Start your child’s life at Legacy Traditional School


Legacy Traditional Schools has seen great success with our Back-to-Basics approach to learning. It’s a way to stick to what works in education, to challenge students, and really focus on developing highly-capable learners.

Some things that make our approach so successful include an accelerated pace of study, high expectations for academics and behavior, self-contained K-6 classrooms, bell-to-bell instruction, integrated Language Arts curriculum (Spalding), accelerated mathematics (Saxon), and more.

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