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Online Registrationhttps://www.ccsd.net/parents/online-registration.php

The Online Registration System is available in English & Spanish. Parents can complete registration at home or contact their child’s zoned school for school registration dates and hours.

Infinite Campushttps://ccsd.net/parents/infinite-campus-choice.php

A fast and easy way for parents and students to check their grades, assignments and class schedules.

Food Serviceshttps://www.ccsd.net/departments/food-service/


Transportation Services - https://transportation.ccsd.net

Family Community & Engagement Services - http://faces.ccsd.net/

School Justice Partnershiphttps://ccsd.net/district/school-justice-partnership/

Learn more about the School Justice Partnership to improve school safety.


Get the latest news, information and press releases about CCSD.


SaveVoice is the new statewide reporting system for threats to school and reports of bullying.

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